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Frequently Asked Questions

2GIS for PC

We recommend the use of the Update Center to update the components of 2GIS (2GIS main menu → Update Center). It will help you to install and update city databases as well as additional plug-ins. When you update 2GIS via the Update Center, you save traffic because it won't download the complete distribution package but only the differences between the installed and the new database release.

The problem appears because Windows Installer service files were deleted from C:\WINDOWS\Installer (hidden folder). This could happen either by mistake or by using dubious programs for the cleaning/optimization of Windows.

We recommend the use of the Windows Installer CleanUp utility program, with which you can delete the information about the required file from Windows Installer: Start → Programs → Windows Installer CleanUP → Click the necessary 2GIS component → Remove.

After that, you can reinstall the database.

You can delete city databases via the program interface. To do it, start 2GIS, open Update Center, select the city you want to delete and click the red [x] next to the name of the city.

The problem may be in a virus on the computer. We recommend updating the antivirus program and scanning all disks. If you have no antivirus program on your computer, you can download a free Avira AntiVir Personal antivirus.

A detailed explanation of the 2GIS installation procedure for Linux is provided on the To Linux Users page.

2GIS Mobile

Currently, we do not plan to develop 2GIS for Bada OS, but our specialists will follow the development of this platform.

You must find the street and then click the house icon to the right. A list of houses on the street will appear.

You must perform search or go to 2GIS Main Menu → Companies and then select the necessary section. Next, click Specify criteria and select Open now in the Filters field.

General information

Reference data on businesses is included in 2GIS without charge. Moreover, you can apply for inclusion by filling out a special form. You can use the advertising capabilities of 2GIS to present your company in a more interesting, appealing manner.

We do not develop plug-ins to 2GIS on a commercial basis.