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Installation of the mobile version for Android

Please note that, when downloading the components of 2GIS mobile (and any other application) on your telephone, your mobile network operator may charge you for the use of the Internet according to your tariff.

You must install the program shell and the database of at least one city on your mobile phone in order to use the 2GIS mobile.

Shell installation options

The simplest option is to run the Google Play application on your phone, enter 2GIS in the search field, and click Install. The installation will begin.

If the Google Play application doesn't work, enter Settings on your phone, then enter Applications, and then select Unknown sources – Allow installation of non-Market applications. Then you can follow any of the installation paths. Please note that ways of installation of a shell program for different versions of Android may vary.

  1. Download the appropriate installation package to your computer.

    If you do not know which version needs to be installed, just download version No. 1 which works with all devices running on Android (2.2 or higher).

    Then, transfer the downloaded apk file to your mobile device. From any file manager (for example, ES Explorer), click on the file to begin installation.
  2. Select the QR code for the installation package you need using special software on your phone (for example, Barcode Scanner).

    If you do not know which version needs to be installed, just download version No. 1 which works with all devices running on Android (2.2 or higher).

    A link will appear on the mobile device, which you may use to download the installation file. Run the downloaded file and install the application.
  3. Enter 2gis.ru/android in the browser of your phone and download the application directly onto your device. Run the downloaded file to install the application. This version runs on all devices using Android 2.2 or higher.

Installation of city databases

Choose any option:

  1. Once you have run the shell, click Download new cities and select the necessary city (or several cities). Next, click the DOWNLOAD button. The database will download from the Internet.
  2. Download the city database file (.dgdat) from our website to your PC. Transfer it to your mobile device in the /Memory card/2gisMobile. After you run the shell, the city database will become available automatically. You can choose the folder for city databases in the application settings: select the My section in the 2GIS main menu, open Settings, then Folders and specify the path in the New Cities field.
  3. Create the folder in which to store city databases on your phone or memory card. Copy the data file in this folder, and when you run the shell, use the Select from file function.

Please note that databases from the desktop version of 2GIS won't work on mobile devices!