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Searching for transport routes

Searching for routes or stops of public transportation is performed in the What search field.

Searching for routes

  1. Specify the number of the desired route. The dropdown menu displays the list of the numbers with the indicated type of route.

    The Transport directory displays the list of routes containing the numbers that match your search criteria, indicating the transportation means (bus, trolley, tram, fixed-route taxi).
  2. Open the desired route card by clicking it in the directory. The card displays the names of the terminal stops, as well as the Show the route link that shows the entire route on the map. The map is scaled in order to display all the stops on the selected route.

Searching for a stop

  1. Specify the name of the stop in the What field. After entering the first two letters, a list of corresponding names of stops is displayed. Non-unique stop names are accompanied by an explanation in parentheses: location or type of transportation means.

  2. The selected stop is highlighted on the map, and the directory shows the list of transport routes passing through all platforms of this stop.

Tip: Some stops have more than two roadside stops, and different routes pass through them (major traffic interchanges).

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