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Recommendations for troubleshooting

  • The database of the city doesn't open
    Make sure that you use current city databases. You can download city databases from our website and transfer them to your device or download via the application using the function Download new cities. Please note that you can't open databases for the mobile 2GIS using the Pocket 2GIS application. Moreover, your 2GIS mobile can't open city databases used in the 2GIS version for PC.
  • The location is determined very inaccurately
    Signals from cellular stations and available Wi-Fi networks are used to quickly determine your location. In this case, your location is determined with low accuracy. You can use a GPS receiver to determine your location accurately. The intensity of the signal received from GPS satellites depends on the quality of the GPS receiver in your device. The signal is much weaker in closed rooms than in open spaces. Additionally, the number of available satellites depends on weather conditions.
Attention! The installation of the program requires approximately 70-80 MB of the phone's internal storage capacity. (After installation, the program will take about 25 MB for Android up to 2.1 update1, about 17 MB for Android 2.2 and about 100 KB for Android 2.3.) If the free space is depleted during the installation, the installation program won't finish the installation but will instead cancel it. However, this doesn't delete the remaining files from the phone (this problem exists in the Android pack installation program). In this case, you must clear enough space in the phone's internal storage and launch the installation process again.
  • An error appears during the installation: "Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card"
    The installation program for Android is rather unstable and often shows such errors during the installation of large applications. Please try the following:
    – Launch the installation several times until it completes successfully.
    – Restart the device and try again.
    – If you fail to install the application from Google Play, you may download APK from the 2GIS website to your SD card and run the installation using ApkInstaller or another file manager program.
    – Disconnect the SD card and install the application from Google Play.
    – Use the methods suggested in this article.
  • The application won’t launch
    The program might have been installed with errors. Try reinstalling the application. Additionally, we recommend the use of the latest official firmware upgrade for your device to achieve a stable application.
  • Slow movement of the map using sensor interface on LG Optimus One P500 with firmware Android 2.2, HTC Hero
    This problem is connected with phones, because the touch-screen processing takes nearly 100% processor time on the LG Optimus One P500 and 50% on the HTC Hero. To solve the problem on the LG Optimus One P500, update the phone firmware to 2.2.1.
  • The Back hardware button minimizes the application but doesn't close it
    This problem will be eliminated in one of the further updates of the mobile version.
  • The application has been successfully installed, but it won’t launch
    The following options are possible:
    1. Check if your phone meets the technical requirements specified in the our website.
    2. The application may run low on RAM memory for launch. Close unused applications or restart the phone to clean more memory.
    3. You can try to reinstall standard P.I.P.S libraries, which the application requires. To do this:
      – delete the 2GIS application;
      – install P.I.P.S libraries (http://download.2gis.ru/arhives/pips.rar)
      – install the application and launch it again.
  • There are no scale buttons on the map, and the virtual keyboard doesn't appear when I go to search
    We recommend the following temporary solution: enter the parameter "TouchScreen"=dword:00000001 in the mobile device registry in the path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DoubleGIS\2gisMobile\InputDevices]. You can download the registry editor here.
  • The operating system hangs up when an Acer DX900 or Glofiish X500 device switches to sleep mode with the launched 2GIS application when components are installed to the memory card
    This problem is connected with the features of the devices and can be eliminated only through reinstallation of 2GIS in the main memory:
    1. Install 2GIS and all databases in the main memory of the phone.
    2. Change all application folders (My → Settings → Folders) for the main memory of the phone.