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Hotkeys are used for quick selection of the appropriate tool when using the map, as well as to enable certain functions.

Hotkeys and their functions:

Hotkeys Functions
F1 Help
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+O Opening other Cities Databases
F10 Focus to the active tab on the Ribbon and activate prompts for the quick access keys.
ALT Display prompts for the quick access keys for desired commands. Press and release ALT to activate prompts.
‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the keypad on the right Scaling the map.
  • Cancel the command and close the context menu.
  • Cancel the last point of the Ruler.
  • Cancel the defined area of the Radius.
  • Close a dropdown list (for example, the list of stops).
  • Close the information card of an object.
  • Close the shutdown banner.

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