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2GIS Update Center settings

To set up the 2GIS Update Center or change the connection settings, click the Settings button in the upper right corner.

Preferred server

Select the preferred server for updates. You can use the 2GIS Update Server in the Internet (by default) or an alternative server (for example, installed in your local network). Ask your system administrator whether you have an alternative server. Additional information on our website.

Method of updating

  1. Fully automatic. Recommended mode for operation of the 2GIS Update Center. In this mode, the Program automatically connects to the 2GIS Update Center (for the specified period of time), and then checks, downloads, and install updates for the existing components of 2GIS.
  2. Search for updates, but do not download. The Program connects to the server once a week to check for updates.
  3. Manual. Connection to the server, download and installation of updates are performed on user demand only.

Connection settings

If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you should specify the proxy server address, username and password in this section. These settings will be used for all 2GIS plug-ins requiring an Internet connection.

Save downloads log

The download history for updates, databases of cities, or plug-ins can be saved on your computer in the .csv format by clicking on the Save the Download History link. This file format is supported by Excel.

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