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Context menu

The context menu opens by right-clicking on the map. For easy access, the context menu contains the operations for the map.

  • Directions from here: select the starting point for the plotting of travel options.
  • Directions to here: select the destination point for the plotting of travel options.
  • Add destination: add a new point to the route.
  • Delete the route: remove all points of the route.
  • Show the entire map: display the entire map on the screen using the City scale.
  • Display selected objects: proceed to the selected objects on the map.
  • Deselect: this command allows you to deselect the highlighted objects on the map.
  • Hide the logos: use this command to hide all logos (banners) of companies on the map.
  • Hide all information cards: close all information cards of the objects on a city map.
  • De-highlight the organizations: tthis command allows you to view a map of the city without the markers of organizations.
  • Report an error: this command opens the feedback form that allows you to send a message related to an error on the 2GIS map.

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